Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Life is a book. Everyday has a new page with adventures to tell lessons, to learn and tell about good deeds to remember.

Be THANKFUL as you can walk, there are those who’ve never taken their first step.
As you can see the beauty all around you, there are those whoseworld is always dark.
As you can hear music playing, there are those who entire life has been spent in silence.
As your heart can be broken, there are those who are so hardened, they can’t be touched.

Apabila kita kejar Dunia, Dunia akan lari tetapi apabila kita kejar Akhirat, Dunia akan mengejar kita.

Jika kita tidak dapat apa yang kita suka, kita mesti suka apa yang kita dapat.

Kita ibarat daun, sehelai demi sehelai berguguran...dan kita bila lagi...hanya ALLAH mengetahuinya.

We are all driving in our own street called LIFE, and I’m so glad that in one of the intersections I met a nice friend like you...

Tough times don’t last...but tough people do!

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